Not only can you get all your mechanical and electrical repairs done at Rushacre Garages Pembrokeshire, but you can also get your van or car’s bodywork repaired as well. Whether you have an annoying scratch or a full on dent that needs repairing you can get it done at Rushacre Garage Pembrokeshire.

Your car’s exterior will be brought back to a new, showroom look, by experts with many years experience in the field of repairing damaged bodywork and respraying vehicles. In fact, your car can be given such a facelift that it will look just like it did the first day you bought it.

Rushacre Garages Pembrokeshire have considerable experience working insurance repair jobs following major damage to bodywork after road traffic accidents. Though your car may look badly damaged, our experts can it it right so that no-one would know what had happened.

Equally you may want your van or car’s exterior changed to make it unique to you – to stand out from the crowd. Well Rushacre Garages Narberth can help with that too. Just call today on 01834 860573 and an appointment will be arranged to discuss your bodywork project or repair in greater detail.