Exhaust Repairs / Replacements in Pembrokeshire

When it comes to van and car exhaust repairs or replacements, you won’t find better than Rushacre Garages Pembrokeshire. Your car exhaust will be worked on by expert technicians with years of experience repairing and replacing exhausts in Pembrokeshire.

As soon as you hear your exhaust making any unusual noise, call Rushacre Garages Pembrokeshire. This is because in no time at all – if left untended – your van or car will be making a very loud noise! Not only that, a faulty exhaust-system will reduce your car’s fuel efficiency because it is no longer running at it’s best – meaning increased fuel costs for you – so call Rushacre Garages Pembrokeshire today on 01834 860573.

Our local expert technicians can work on any make and model car with complete confidence. What’s more, you will find that we have a large stock of spare exhausts that will be used to get you back on the road with a minimum fuss and time. So call Rushacre Garages Narberth today on 01834 860573 to get your vehicle exhausts repaired in Pembrokeshire by qualified experts.